Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Window Shopping

The tent issue intrigued me since Sam Cohen, Civil Rights Attorney mentioned N.Y.C. ordinance issues pertaining to tent height.  Or perhaps you also read about Ketchup's sleeping bag in Why the Elites Are In Trouble.  Ya know, what happens when bitter N.Y.C. winters blow in?  And what kind of irrational nation do we live in, when people sleeping outdoors are bound by law to sleep without a roof during winter because a tent's height exceeds a city's ordinance?

"How low can a tent go?" I wondered, so I visited R.E.I. 

The one above is an alpine research bivy.  But they can go even lower - an R.E.I. minimalist bivy sack, for example:

Or lower - an ACR MC Bivy:

Hey, maybe this is low enough for the city?

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