Thursday, October 20, 2011

Protest Tent

Occupy Denver overcomes prior setbacks when the Governor brings in state troopers evicting demonstraters from the state park.

OD reports reorganizing with renewed vigor in Civic Center Park, pictured below. 

Photographer:  Jenn Wohletz
Occupy Denver regrouping at Civic Center Park

Occupy Denver states:
We will not back down from our demand to occupy, from our demand to have a kitchen serving all those in need, from our demand to have a medic tent, from our demand to offer clean and safe spaces, and from our demand to have a permanent place to create constructive solutions to the problems created by the 1%. We are asking for the ability to have a say over policies and politics that dictate our lives, to create policies and politics that offer us, the 99%, real economic justice and an end to corporate greed. is circulating a petition here on behalf of Occupy Denver to stop the repeated arrests of peaceful demonstraters.

Ru Johnson at Denver Westward Blogs interviews organizer MC Sole on what the Occupy Denver movement represents.

And, Occupy Denver introduces -- ta-da! -- the first official Protest Tent:

Courtesy of Not My Tribe
Photographer:  Eric Verlo

Courtesy of Not My Tribe
Photographer: Eric Verlo

The police will not arrest you if the tent does not touch the ground.  More tent reflections here, here,  and here

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