Sunday, October 2, 2011


Motorist films police running onto the Brooklyn Bridge with demonstrators chanting overhead.

Major networks report 700 people arrested yesterday, including attorneys and journalists.  NYPD is  accused of having demonstrators walk into traffic in order to arrest them.

In the video, the crowd overhead shouts down to the police that they, too, are part of the 99%.  "They're screwing you too," one of them says.  "No violence guys," from another. Then they chant:  "The whole world is watching!  The whole world is watching!" as the police run onto the bridge (to pen in the demonstrators and make massive arrests), and:  "Re-vo-lu-tion!  Re-vo-lu-tion!"

I think many people across the nation are hoping this is it.

Courtesy of Huffpost
Photographer: M.Sledge

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