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Oct 15

Occupy Wall Street went global Saturday with hundreds of thousands turning out for demonstrations in cities throughout the U.S., Europe, and spreading to Asia.  Locations included Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taiwan, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, Bosnia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, the Phillipines, Switzerland, U.K., Sydney, and Spain.  OWS reports 1,500 cities, also including Athens and locations in South Africa and Canada.

Courtesy of Times News Feed
Justice For The People Now!  Occupy Hong Kong

Crowds swelled especially high in New York, Madrid, Rome, and Berlin, with numbers noticeably larger for smaller cities too.  In the Pacific Northwest, Seattle alone rapidly drew 3,000;  and even Alaska had hundreds marching in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Homer, and Juneau.

Courtesy of Seattle Times
Seattle Demonstraters Burn Their Bank of America Cards

Julian Assange spoke briefly to a huge crowd in London;  Rome demonstraters rioted in apparent anger over Berlusconi's austerity measures;  in Tel Aviv, yoga students stood on their heads around a sign stating, "Standing on our heads, changing reality."

Courtesy of Haaretz

In New York, Occupy Wall Street took the march out through Manhattan, converging at Times Square with estimates reported as high as 20,000 by Huffpost.  OWS reported a Bronx contingent excorted by police into the subway system, free of charge, and taking 2 full cars over.  In Greenwich Village, Citibank customers were arrested while trying to close their accounts in protest.

Real News has 3 seperate video news reports here for London, Rome, and Germany.   I found a less usual one here for Reykjavik in Iceland.  Iceland demonstrations were very peaceful without any police officers observed.

Courtesy of Seattle Times
Prolific Pup

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