Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Courtesy of Los Angeles Times
Photographer:  Carolyn Cole

Labor unions and students joined Occupy Wallstreet today in a powerful display of unity and strength estimated at 10,000.  Los Angeles Times reported a day marked by focus on corporate greed and including teachers, nurses, veterans, and seniors.

Occupy Wall Street has been spreading to other locations across the country.  Occupy Together provides locations here.

Reports of police brutality have surfaced since nightfall, with increasing youtube documentation, including this video of an officer in a red windbreaker shoving a non-resisting protester to the ground and allegedly giving him a concussion.  After they pick him up from the ground, you can see his head swaying around in circles. 

The officer in the red windbreaker has been photographed before arresting a woman filming in a manner that concerned viewers.  He also surfaces here in this youtube supervising police officers who throw a young man over a fence.  The crowd chants:  "The whole world is watching!  The whole world is watching!"

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