Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pink Slip

Information still trickling in on the Occupy Wall Street No Comment art show.  Curated by Marika Maiorova, director of Loft In the Red Zone, International Business Times describes No Comment as "a very democratic and participatory space" where guests are asked to help hang the art - "as grassroots as its movement." 

Pictured below, Vincent Romaniello's large mixed media piece, Pink Slip.  Romaniello tells the IBT reporter:  "When it comes right down to it, it's about jobs, jobs, jobs!  Once you lose your job it all escalates from there."

Courtesy of Saatchi Online

 At Vincent Romaniello's blog, you can see a photograph of a No Comment performance installation.  The artist, Daniel De Paola, hangs from the ceiling wrapped in an American flag - For Your Entertainment

Davidscameracraft has photos and first-hand participant reporting here.  That site has remarkable pictures of the Wall Street demonstrations from first arrests through the Brooklyn Bridge march.  What you didn't see (and still don't) in mainstream media.

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