Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sleeping Horse

Occupy Denver - you may or may not know - introduced the first official protest tent so the police cannot arrest you if the tent does not touch the ground.  In which case, all a human being has to do in order to be legally acceptable under the city's tent ordinances is learn how to sleep standing like a horse. 

My guess is that these mayors are all on the same wavelength;  for if people are to believe Mayor Quan is so sorry or the Interim Head of the Oakland police department is so sorry about what happened to Scott Olsen - why did the Denver police department do this to a twenty-one year old photographer taking pictures in a tree - three days later?

Courtesy of Occupy Denver
21 year old photographer shot in tree by Denver police

More here at Occupy Denver.  The Denver Post reports here.  Huffpost article.

Denver activists had been brutally evicted from the state park by troopers under the governor's orders. Undeterred, they relocated to a city park, setting up tents and facilities again.  Then the city police came in violently.

I wonder how Mayor Hancock feels this aligns with his "We are ALL Denver" community forum, with an invitation extended on the same date Occupy Wall Street went global.

Did he, too, have 18 police agencies working on this?  Have they figured out yet who did this?  Why am I so sure that, unlike Jean Quan, he was in town?

Why can't cities change their tent ordinances so people can sleep like human beings instead of horses?

Does Mayor Hancock, too, wish to hide the economic fall-out?  Just wish it away with rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray?  Why do campers frighten these politicians so much?

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