Wednesday, October 26, 2011


News is still coming in about Occupy Oakland casualities where Mayor Jean Quan had 500 police officers in riot gear brutally disperse peaceful demonstrators with tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash grenades.

Protesters are sharing photographs and youtubes on the violence.  In one youtube widely circulated, an Iraq veteran - Scott Olsen, 24 - was critically wounded by a tear gas canister hitting him in the head.  A second youtube (below) indicates that the officer may have deliberately fired the canister at close range.  Police continue firing canisters in this manner at protesters who attempt to help him lying wounded in the street - preventing them from coming to his aide.  They run, then run back to try to help him again.  Those closest eventually carry him out, and he is taped unable to respond to queries to identify himself.

Huffpost reports Mr. Olsen on a respirator at the hospital in stable but critical condition, awaiting word on whether neurologists think surgery is necessary due to swelling in the brain.  His friend and roommate, Keith Shannon states that Mr. Olsen is an Occupy Oakland activist and that he was protesting non-violently when he was hit.  "He doesn't agree with the way the banks aren't regulated, the way they drove the economy in the ground. He wants there to be regulation of the banks," said Mr. Shannon.

More here by Indy Times.

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