Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Hart Senate Building in Washington D.C. is the site of a demonstration when police stop protesters from unfurling a banner that reads, "Tax The Rich - End War Now."  First a tug of war ensues over the banner.  Whereupon, people in the corridors join in chanting, "End War Now!  Tax the Rich!" and "We ARE the 99%!"

The banner eventually confiscated by the officer, the banner wavers are given a standard 3 strikes and you're out warning.  As the crowd continues to chant, however, and similar banners and signs unfurl, the policeman tells everyone to "cease and desist" or they "will be arrested."

Veterans For Peace reports here;  the youtube is from a website called October 2011 supporting Occupy D.C.

Occupy Boston has updated arrest figures on the brutal 1:30 A.M. police raid to 141.  A non-violent veteran is on video being thrown to the ground multiple times.  Legal observers and medics were  uncharacteristically detained.

On the Brooklyn Bridge, police also uncharacteristically arrested journalists and attorneys.

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