Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walk The Talk


AJC reports Occupy Atlanta activists are occupying the foreclosed suburban home of a law enforcement officer and his family of 5.   The officer sent Occupy Atlanta an email describing the family's plight, and the DeKalb County employee and Occupy Atlanta together laid out a plan of action within a few hours.  The home is located in Snellville just outside Atlanta.

Activist Tim Franzen states, "What I envision is a model of protest coming out of this. We plan to develop an occupy community in this neighborhood and maybe create something that can be duplicated nationally."

Occupy Atlanta pitched tents in the front yard and put a banner up on the house stating, "This Home Is Occupied."

More here with video from AJC.  Occupy Atlanta activist Letron Price told the press, "We plan to shine a light on the foreclosure issue as it relates to the average citizen, as it relates to a hard-working family who have an income, who are struggling to save their home." 

New York

In Harlem, Occupy Wall Street activists took over the boiler room of an apartment building, successfully getting heat and hot water for tenants.

In the meantime, another Occupy Wall Street contingent set out on a two-week 240 mile march to Washington D.C., timed to coincide with the congressional committee deadline on whether to keep President Obama's extension of tax cuts enacted under former President Bush.  They hope to pick up other marchers along the way.  Activists liken the march to long distance civil rights protests during Dr. King's life, and also marches led by Mahatma Gandhi in India.

While this march was kicking off, yet another Occupy Wall Street group of about four hundred protesters taking up 4-5 city blocks marched 11 miles (almost the length of Manhattan) demanding a millionaire's tax.

Courtesy of CBS
Occupy Wall Street protesters
march the length of Manhattan

And back in Zuccotti Park, activists began to erect 27 military tents to prepare for severe temperature drops and further snow.  The tents are costing activists 25,000. dollars from the total money donated thus far.


9 more arrests today at Occupy Fresno. 13 arrested Sunday and 8 arrested Monday.  Some have been arrested more than once.

Oakland cartoonist Susie Cagle interviewed here with video of her own Occupy Oakland arrest while wearing press credentials.  Also viewable in the video are green capped legal observers arrested.  Apparently, the City of Oakland is telling protesters they will be charged with felonies if they are arrested a second time with the same charge.  Ms. Cagle has already been charged once with failing to leave the scene of a riot.  Her case remains unresolved at this point, based partly on her press credentials.


The Edmonton Journal reports various Canadian Occupy encampments fighting possible court evictions sought simultaneously by mayors in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg (in Manitoba), and London, Ontario.

Monday night, Occupy Vancouver B.C. activists shouted down mayoral candidates in a debate on homelessness (since mayors are attempting to evict tent cities).

In Victoria B.C., a tree camper poured a container of undetermined liquid on a city worker's head when he took the camper's bike.  Camper Lyle Barrett had erected a tent in the upper branches of the tree, hoisting his bike into the branches, as well.  Mr. Barrett had taken camping supplies up, pledging to stay in the tree's branches for over a month.  The city claims he poured urine and will be charged with assault.  Mr. Barrett states the substance was apple juice and that he was rightfully protecting his property from theft.

In Atlanta, the police officer who drove his motorcycle into a protester is still not reported as disciplined.  Instead, the city is charging the injured protester with a felony assault.

Altogether, a busy day for Wall Street.  David Crosby and Graham Nash performed, too.  In this clip, an enormous crowd begins to sing/chant along, "No More War!  No More War!"  (You can also peek how spotlessly clean the food kitchen is.)  More clips from the music performance here.

No more war.  Now that's an idea whose time has come.

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