Monday, November 7, 2011


Defiant: A lone female protestor, draped in an American flag, sits in Woodruff Park, Atlanta, after refusing to observe an 11pm curfew set by police

Atlanta police arrested this one protester (shown above) sitting in Troy Davis Park following Mayor Reed's curfew.  As seen in the photograph, she is wrapped in, and sitting beneath, the American flag turned upside down.

Protesters stayed up late in a General Assembly focused on non-violent strategy that was viewable at the Occupy Atlanta livestream.  One by one people stood and spoke about their convictions and views concerning non-violence, often with the now familiar "People's Mic," making it easier for viewers, too, to listen and follow.  They marched again at the park.

During this lone arrest against the American flag, demonstrators stood beyond the barricades chanting, "We're hungry!  We're poor!  What are you wasting our money for?"

Occupy Atlanta organizer Tim Franzen said one arrest could be just as powerful as many arrests. 

According to AP, police also arrested 4 bicyclists in the vicinity for 3 assorted traffic violations and one "obstruction of a police officer."  One day earlier, as reported on this blog, a police officer deliberately drove his motorcycle into the crowd, striking an individual with his vehicle.  There are no reports of disciplinary measures being taken in his case.

In Oakland, a Facebook photo [shown below, courtesy of the NY Daily News] has been released of veteran 2 Kayvan Sabehgi attacked by a group of police walking home from demonstrations, in an incident likened to a mugging, and cell conditions and treatment surrounding his medical status constituting serious human rights violations.  Some observers are now expressing concern that police deliberately targeted both men since veterans have been highly visible, leading the marches in the front lines. 

At the time of this posting, no new information of the whereabouts or condition of Mr. Olsen, or Mr. Sabehgi's post-surgery status, has been released.  An investigation is reported presently underway.

Mr. Sabehgi is an Army Ranger who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is presently a part-owner of an Oakland business.

More here in a Countdown interview!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_240/image.jpgwith Adam Gabbett who has been following events in Oakland for the Guardian.

In Fresno, California, protesters faced a second night of arrests for violating park curfew.  Occupy Fresno states that they will return.

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