Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Occupy Wall Street General Assembly Live Stream at Liberty Square.

Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg took Occupy Wall Street to court (or rather his girlfriend did).  That is, he didn't really believe in the "openness and tolerance of New York City" as much as he said he did - for while he was proclaiming that, his girlfriend's lawyers were busy with this.  The court ruled against the First Amendment and police cleared camping out of the park, making hundreds of arrests.  At the time of this posting, livestream hosts estimate at least 6,000 people present at the General Assembly.

If you'd like to give Mayor Bloomberg at piece of your mind, a twitter campaign is reporting the phone number as 212-788-1400.

Courtesy of Occupy Wall Street via Twitter
General Assembly at Liberty Park

November 17th is a huge day of action shutting down Wall Street.  Perhaps that, too, had something to do with the court's "objective" perspective.

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