Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Occupy Portland makes an announcement on city government corruption, police brutality, and attempts to silence the occupy movement.

Some dramatic photo documentation of the Portland encampment assault by Beth Nakamura and Faith Cathcart with the Oregonian. Apparently, this took place early morning after crowds, for the most part, dispersed.

Mayor Quan of Oakland recently broke up the Oakland encampment with an army of an estimated 700-1000 police officers.  Two of Quan's aides have resigned - deputy mayor Sharon Cornu and Quan's top legal advisor, Dan Siegel, who cites deep differences with Quan over the Occupy movement.  Mr. Siegel told Democracy Now ! - "I’m horrified as to what happened in Oakland yesterday and in New York today.  The people who are working for these mayors and police and so on are doing Wall Street’s business for them, and we need to stand up against it."

In Seattle, police brutally turned large amounts of pepper spray on demonstrators;  assaults included an 84 year old woman, a pregnant woman, and by some twitter accounts, a priest, and a teenager.

Atlanta 7 carries this Occupy Atlanta announcement and report.  In Atlanta, activists continued focusing on foreclosures and homelessness.  Occupy Atlanta protested at Fannie Mae regional offices at 950 East Paces Ferry Rd., and expressed solidarity with the homeless by spending the night at a homeless encampment city officials were attempting to break-up.  The group states at its website:
Capitol Police are planning to evict the people who have been sleeping on the ledge that backs up to Georgia Plaza Park at Central Ave. between MLK and Mitchell St. They have come there for years seeking the warmth that rises up from the vents, but now they are under threat of being forcibly removed with no alternative provision. Occupy Atlanta anticipates that this removal will happen between 5:30 and 6:30 am. We will be occupying that space with them in solidarity and so that we will be present if the eviction occurs.
In Salt Lake City, police arrested 19 protesters in a Pioneer Park raid on Saturday.  Occupy Denver saw 17 arrests that same day.

Wall Street furthered global evictions Tuesday in Vancouver B.C., Zurich, and London, where protesters decided to remain at Saint Paul's after all.  London demonstrators also marched to express their outrage over Mayor Bloomberg's actions in New York.

Occupy Miami moved back to a former location after negotiating another agreement.

Occupy Minneapolis defied a sleeping ban.

In Boston, Mayor Tom Menino stated that he is not "ready to break the encampment up."  The ACLU and National Lawyers Guild have filed a suit in Boston asking the court to declare occupation of the park a form of protected free speech. Boston Herald reports, "In affidavits filed in that suit, three Occupiers say they’re haunted by the Oct. 11 arrests of more than 140 demonstrators."  The lawsuit would block nighttime raids by Boston police.  Occupy Boston also marched to the Statehouse Tuesday to protest Mayor Bloomberg's mass eviction and arrest of hundreds of demonstrators from Zuccotti Park.

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