Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Familiar face?  That's Max Baucus (D-Mont), Senate Finance Committee Chairman, who infamously had physicians standing for Medicare For All arrested and thrown out of health care discussions that later led to the present legislation.

Health care activists appropriately enough down on Wall Street - since we couldn't get a widely supported and sane bill like H.R. 676 due to the same corporate stranglehold on government Americans are objecting to in demonstrations across the country - a government that is supposed to be representing The People - not CEOs and their record profits.

In the youtube below, NYC Healthcare Now! activist Kate Robbins speaks at Saint Vincent's Hospital in the West Village of Manhattan, where a single-payer march culminated.  HCN reports that protesters gathered at Liberty Plaza, and then headed out from the offices of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a subsidiary of WellPoint, the largest publicly-traded health insurance company.  Saint Vincent's closed earlier this year due to bankruptcy, and as a casualty of profit-driven insurers. There are now no hospitals on the West side below 57th St.

More here at Healthcare NOW! including video of an Occupy Philly single-payer health care march.

Let's keep fighting for single payer!  Health care is a human right.

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