Sunday, November 13, 2011


The power of the people as thousands gather to defy the Mayor's midnight eviction deadline and protect Occupy Portland

I especially like when the bicyclists subversively spin through, along with the New Years Like Countdown.

CBS reports an estimated 3,000 people peacefully engulfing riot police until they simply left.  The crowd dispersed around dawn.
One of the organizers, Jim Oliver, said the night had been a victory for Occupy Portland.
"We stood up to state power," Oliver told The Associated Press, standing on a corner opposite the camp.
From AP:

It appeared earlier that about 200 campers planned to get arrested. But police action seemed less likely after the crowds swelled the parks in the early morning.
In the hours leading up to midnight, protesters held general assembly meetings where they talked about what to do when the deadline came. The also repeated the main message of Occupy Wall Street movement of peaceful resistance to income inequality and what they see as corporate greed.
As those speeches were going on, some snacked on coffee and burritos as others sang protest song. About 60 bicycle riders circled the camp repeatedly to show support.
"We are a peaceful resistance," said rider Chico Tallman, a 63-year-old accountant. "But we're fed up with the direction the country is going. It's all about profit."
Courtesy of ABC News

Occupy Portland invites supporters to join the Occupy Portland Action Committee tommorow, November 14th, as they occupy City Hall.  They plan to apply for a position in Portland's City Council in order to create jobs.

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