Saturday, November 12, 2011


In the U.S., of course, 11-11-11 coincided with Veterans Day activities.   Occupy Together carries this overview of demonstrations. A Nation of Change report on how American veterans are faring.

Courtesy of Times Union
Photographer: Michael P. Farrell
World War II veteran Ed Bloch walks
with Veterans for Peace and Occupy Albany
in the 2011 Albany NY Veterans Day Parade

Occupy Homes

A new coalition called Occupy Homes forms to resist evictions.  Democracy Now! speaks with residents facing foreclosure and working with Occupy Minneapolis

Back in Atlanta, activists had occupied the Gwinnett County home of a neighboring DeKalb County law enforcement officer and his family of 5.  AJC reports activists left Thursday after Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway reportedly threatened to arrest the husband and wife as accessories to trespassers.  Occupy Atlanta spokesperson Tim Franzen said the group did not want the Roreys to be sent to jail, so they went.  Shortly thereafter, the family was evicted.

ACJ reports Conway saying in a written statement, “Evictions are never pleasant for anyone, but I have a job to do and I’m doing my job."  He did not confirm or deny reports that he threatened to arrest the officer and his wife.  Occupy Atlanta plans to set up another Gwinnett County camp.


In Fresno, 6 activists were arrested by the Sheriff's department for the fifth night in a row, bringing the total number of arrests to 54.  Activists have vowed to return to the park each night. 


In Montreal, thousands of students marched protesting tuition hikes and taking over the McGill University administration building.

Occupy Montreal demonstrators are erecting wooden structures in expectation of dropping temperatures and the brutal Canadian winter.

Courtesy of CBC Canada
Photographer:  Elias Abboud
Wood hut erected at Victoria Square, Occupy Montreal

Courtesy of CTV.CA Montreal
Inside wood hut erected at Victoria Square, Occupy Montreal

This reminds me of an earlier post, Tiny House.


Occupy Wall Street spreads to Tunisia:

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