Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Courtesy of Common Dreams
Bike Generator At Zuccotti Park

Another victory at Zuccotti Park as the fire department returns generators N.Y.P.D. earlier confiscated.  Zuccotti Park has otherwise been using a bike generator, as shown above.  The generator confiscation issue also plagued Occupy Atlanta, where Mayor Reed used a small generator at a peaceful concert - and one that is commonly used in Atlanta anyway at sport events - as the pretext for evicting non-violent demonstrators, and in a major police operation that involved arresting 52 people, including a state senator and 2 major community leaders. 

The Atlantic Wire reports that attorneys played a key role in having generators returned to the Occupy Wall Street site, and in time for the concert appearance by David Crosby and Graham Nash.  Yetta Kurland, an attorney for the protesters, said the generators were returned without stipulation as to how they could be used.  "Generators in parks are not automatically violations of any safety codes.  In fact, the regulations say you can have a diesel generator or a gasoline generator as long as it’s under a certain BTU or a certain amount of feet from a tent or structure."

N.Y.P.D. had no comment.

The generators were picked up in the Wikileaks truck parked at Zuccotti Park.

In California, 7 more arrests at Occupy Fresno, making arrests 4 days in a row. The sheriff says deputies will continue to arrest people for violating the park ordinance. Occupy Fresno activists vow to stay in the park every night.

LondonProtesters left Saint Paul's property and are regrouping at Victoria Park to plan next steps.

Les indign├ęs de France are planning twenty-two demonstrations across France this Friday, November 11th.

Common Dreams reports Occupy South Africa gearing up, and with coal dependence protests, and weeks before the country hosts a global conference on climate change.

Further November 11 activities are planned throughout the U.S. to coincide with Veteran's Day

Veterans For Peace has an update here on Scott Olsen.

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