Friday, July 26, 2013

Walk For Dignity

Juror B29 steps forward in an interview, stating that she was the person who wanted a second degree murder conviction and thinks that George Zimmerman got away with murder.  Trial observer and attorney Seema Iyer says that, based on the juror's interview, she thinks the juror did not understand that she could have held out for a hung jury, if necessary.  

Also, in the video below, discussion about a 5 day Walk For Dignity march against the much-referenced 20 year Florida conviction of an African American woman, Marissa Alexander - and for firing warning shots into her ceiling to defend herself against an abusive former spouse.  She tried to use Stand Your Ground laws, but the jury found her guilty after deliberating for 12 minutes with Angela Corey, who prosecuted George Zimmerman, handling the prosecution of Ms. Alexander's case, as well.   

Walk For Dignity is calling for Marissa Alexander's release, Justice for Trayvon Martin, and the resignation of Angela Corey.  The march started in Jacksonville and culminates in Sanford, with activists representing a coalition of civil rights voices including, among others, the New Jim Crow Movement, Project South, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the Coalition for Justice for Trayvon, and Southerners on New Ground.

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