Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bermuda Triangle of Justice

Laugh To Not Cry takes on the state of Florida with The Bermuda Triangle of JusticeLike my favorit wabbit, she also suggests giving this state the heave-ho into the Atlantic.

The "Angry Trayvon" murder game LTNC mentions was released by Trade Digital Inc.  The game was reportedly removed from the market but a TYT host in the July 11th youtube below says that people are still buying it, and according to the link at the time of this July 24th post, google still hasn't taken it down. 

The revolting video depicts a cartoon image of Trayvon Martin in a hoodie going around the neighborhood and killing people with a large knife.  (I also notice, at least in the selected clip below, that all the murder victims are white.  But racism is getting a little more *sophisticated* these days, so who knows.)  TYT reports Trade Digital reps apologizing "for the inconvenience," and asserting that the game is "by no means a racist game."  As one TYT host (who also predicts a no justice verdict with concurring nods among the college students) comments, "You can't just say it's not racist.  It also has to be not racist."  (And, of course, you are also supposed to take it down from the internet if it's no longer for sale.)


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