Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday

RT overviews S17 demonstrations in N.Y.C.


From the New York Daily News: 


ABC has a glimpse of Occupy events in Washington D.C. and Boston, as well as N.Y.C.,


and comments by President Obama,

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Livewire overviews the musicians at Foley Square:


From gvloanguy, Occupier mic check speeches at Liberty Square and the Stock Exchange, including Green Party Vice Presidential and Presidential candidates Cheri Honkola and Jill Stein: 

In this livestream recording from gvloanguy, as events unfold, Occupiers decide to march on Goldman Sachs, proceeding down to 200 West Street to confront the banking industry. N.Y.P.D. rapidly lines up in front of the building, and protesters then stage a nonviolent sit-in in front of the police line on the sidewalk. Police make arrests, with Occupiers chanting, "Arrest the bankers! Arrest the bankers!" 

S17 Occupiers take West Side Highway:

Real News overviews of S17; includes a segment speaking with NY City Council Member Jumaane Williams, apparently earlier in the day, prior to N.Y.P.D. shoving and batoning him.

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