Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Day

Jérémie Bédard-Wien, co-spokesperson for Quebec student union CLASSE, discusses the students' victory rolling back the tuition hikes.  In an impressive first day in parliament, newly elected leadership from Parti Quebecois canceled the hike, repealed the widely denounced and repressive "Loi 78," closed a nuclear power plant leaking radiation into the surrounding community for years, and announced reimbursement of a residential health tax.  The tuition hike cancellation will be prudently financed through higher taxes on the wealthy.  Mr. Bédard-Wien looks at developments ahead for the students, including collaboration with the U.S. Occupy Movement.  He attributes success to the students who got out there in the streets for weeks and weeks on end, banging on pots and pans.


Look what government can do when they're not working for the privileged few. Our standards have sunk so low in the U.S. Congress only gets this productive when they're passing military budgets in an hour or two.  Or giving tax breaks to the 1%.

Census figures don't bother 'em neither.

That first day is what it's supposed to look like all the time, folks.  "When government is working."

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