Thursday, September 27, 2012

Enemy of the State

 Courtesy of the Herald Sun
Photographer:  Nathan Mawby
Julian Assange supporters protesting 
in Melbourne, Dec. 2010

Commentary coming in on Julian Assange's address yesterday to the U.N. Assembly;  the full transcript at Common Dreams with reference to the Sydney Morning Herald;  from Truthdig, with reference to Glenn Greenwald at the UK Guardian:
Recently declassified Air Force records detail the investigation of an analyst who expressed support for WikiLeaks and its founder Assange. The inquiry was closed when it found no evidence that the analyst had leaked classified material, but the documents reveal that Assange may have been designated an enemy of the United States—the same status as the Taliban and al-Qaida—as the analyst was under investigation for the crime of “Communicating With the Enemy.”
That crime carries a potential death penalty, and its inclusion in an investigation into contact with WikiLeaks suggests that the government now views anyone who publishes classified material that could be seen by anyone considered an enemy as an enemy themselves. The list of candidates for enemy status extends far beyond Assange. Any media outlet, including The New York Times, which has published far more sensitive secrets than WikiLeaks, would become a potential enemy of the state.
Discussion with Michael Ratner, a legal advisor to Mr. Assange, concerning the terminology.  Ecuador is seeking safe passage for Mr. Assange through the U.K. from its London Embassy, and since the asylum issue is resolved in their favor


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