Sunday, June 1, 2014

Who Goes To Jail

From FreeSpeechTV, an update from the Cecily McMillan case and how no Credit Suisse executives will be heading to jail for facilitating widespread tax evasion, while the Occupy Wall Street protester was sentenced to three months in Riker's Island and five years of probation.

Justice4Cecily reports that the soft-spoken social justice activist has since been brought into court on an additional charge of obstructing a police investigation when two people jumped a turnstile at NYC's Union Square Station.  The prosecutor's office has offered a plea bargain of no additional jail time, community service, and anger management classes. The website reports that Ms. McMillan rejected that deal;  the next court date is scheduled for July 17th, at which time she is expected to be released for good behavior. 

Editor's Note. 6/2/2014 Update.  Occupy Wall Street reports that Cecily McMillan is now scheduled to be released on parole July 1st. 

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