Saturday, June 7, 2014

Making History

Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant hails the city's recent and historic passage of a 15.00 per hour minimum wage - the highest rate for any major city in the country, and more than twice the federal minimum rate. 


Ms. Sawant, a Seattle spokesperson in the Fight For 15 campaign, recently made history herself, by becoming the first socialist elected to the city council in a century - and while running for office on a platform of raising the hourly minimum to 15.00 dollars.  The raise is incremental over almost a decade, a *minor* point critics (including Ms. Sawant) have decried, but nevertheless, it does seem a very important step forward, considering the monied strength of the opposition at a time in which U.S. income disparity is savagely developing.

I think a most important win Ms. Sawant mentions *is* the speed with which this has taken place, the historical perspective;  i.e. it is often "darkest before the dawn."  So, most certainly, affirm yourselves, Seattleites - and take heed, Americans, across this great land.  Keep on keepin' on with "the good fight."  Keep hope and optimism alive.  There *is* a way forward.  Things can change, for the better.  History says so.  

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