Tuesday, June 17, 2014

That Doesn't Include You

Following up on the Crème de la Crème figures reported by Bill Moyers, if it's harder to get into Walmart than Harvard, check out the even more staggering odds of getting a job at Starbucks.  

A little over 1% of applicants, that is.  

And, it seems those odds should become even more challenging since the company recently announced a program providing college tuition, with that program only covering workers at company owned stores.  That is, the baristers in Starbucks aprons at licensed stores, like that Starbucks at your neighborhood grocery, aren't entitled to company benefits, with Starbucks having a substantial portion of workers at 5,415 licensed stores compared to 8,078 company stores.  

Via Business Insider:

starbucks edited license stores

*Photo credit, via Malnutrition "Starbucks," photo of a licensed Starbucks store in a neighborhood grocerty, July 2010.

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