Friday, August 16, 2013

Out With Student Debt

An interview with Natalia Abrams, co-founder of The Student Debt Crisis, a group building an out with student debt campaign (#outwithstudentdebt) to bring the real faces of real people to the public, and wipe away the stigma, shame, and secrecy attached to owing these large sums of money.  The group is also working for consumer protection reform.

Ms. Abrams states, "Over 60% of the people with education debt are over the age of 30.  They're myself, they're my mother, people like that.  So we really need to put an alternate face on that and show that this is everyone's problem, not just students' problems."

Below, the youtube announcement for the #outwithstudentdebt "coming out" campaign, and by the group's artistic director, Aaron Calfato,

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