Friday, August 2, 2013

A Night In The Capitol

Miami Herald reports that Dream Defenders held a mock session of the Florida legislature this week while calling for a special session on the controversial Stand Your Ground law and passage of the Trayvon Martin Act.  

The activists have been camped outside Governor Rick Scott's office for two weeks, at this point, in buoyant spirits, and despite apparent efforts by the governor's office to demoralize the young people and drive them away, including by means of which was believed to be the governor's instructions to block the passage of food for protesters inside the building.  

The food eventually went through.

Reverend Jesse Jackson recently joined the Dream Defenders for "A Night In The Capitol" describing the young activists as a student movement at its best, "following the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi in staging a nonviolent protest. It’s the definition of patriotism.”

Below, video of Dream Defenders standing their ground

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More video of Dream Defenders below talking about what they're building in Talahassee.  One Dream Defender broadcasts to the public, in yet another invitation to spend a night in the capitol, 
"People, we are the power that the nation feels.  We need each and every individual able to join us at the state capitol here in Talahassee - to come out and to invite your friends, your family, and your leaders.  You can come at any time from seven o'clock to five o'clock p.m.  If you're in before five o'clock, you can stay as long as you want and you can leave whenever.  You cannot bring sleeping bags.  But you can bring covers, pillows, and any other hygenic materials that you would need to have a comfortable stay with us.  We have created an environment that is love and we have a family.  Please join us in the fight.  We need you all.  Love you.  Namaste."

Dream Defenders were also recently joined by legendary civil rights activist and singer Harry Belafonte who is joined by Stevie Wonder and other high profile performers in calling for a boycott on Florida until Stand Your Ground is repealed.

Photo credit/top, via Sociology Lens, Dream Defenders standing their ground in the Florida capitol building. 

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