Friday, August 16, 2013

March On Washington 

The 50th Anniversary March On Washington is slated for Saturday, August 24th, 2013.  You can RSVP actual or virtual attendance at the NAACP website.   

Occupy Wall Street reports that the march will be joined by the Million Hoodie Movement For Justice.  The Million Hoodie Movement also has a 4 minute coast to coast action planned for the following day, Sunday, August 25th at 7:16 P.M. eastern time, 4:16 pacific, as per the video announcement below:


In recent news, a federal judge ruled NYPD application of the highly controversial Stop and Frisk laws unconstitutional.  Discussion in the video below with Carl Dix, Co-Founder of the Stop Stop and Frisk Movement.


Image credits/top, via, "Demonstration - 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington, Continuation of the battle for jobs, justice and freedom."

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