Friday, December 14, 2012

Seasons Greetings, Congress

Caroling with a twist in the two youtubes below.   

In the first, Missouri singers from Grassroots Organizing (GRO) and Missouri Faith Voices carry the fiscal cliff tune to their representatives (uploaded December 11th) and demanding Medicare, Medicaid, and social security delivered to the American People by Christmas without any changes -- and with wealthiest Americans being required to pay their fair share in taxes, and that Congress focus on job creation and economic growth, not devastating cuts that cripple our economy.  Faith-based organizers also state that there is a moral responsibility to take care of the People, not the super-wealthy. 


In the next video, Seattle carolers sing 350 Parts Per Million to the tune of Rudolf (the you-know-who), and at a demonstration against coal trains yesterday.  More photos here.


Season's Greetings, Congress!

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