Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Address

Julian Assange gives a Christmas address (video below) from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and also marking the 6 month anniversary of his stay.  Text here at Wikileaks.  

In an almost 13 minute statement, Mr. Assange spoke passionately about the importance of freedom of expression and democracy, summarizing some of Wikileaks' work thus far, and decrying the military industrial complex.  Asserting that the "quality of our discourse is the limit of our civilization," Mr. Assange pointed to its decline amidst efforts by a generation rising to its feet to revolutionize "the way we see the world" --
Our societies are intellectual shanty towns. Our beliefs about the world and each other have been created by [the] same system that has lied us into repeated wars that have killed millions. You can’t build a sky scraper out of plasticine. And you can’t build a just civilization out of ignorance and lies. We have to educate each other. We have to celebrate those who reveal the truth and denounce those who poison our ability to comprehend the world we live in.
Mr. Assange announced Wikileaks' plans to "continue to stand up to bullies" along with the group's possession of an additional one million documents that could be released in the coming year. 

In his closing remarks, audience members began shouting, "The People United Can Never Be Defeated!"

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