Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remember That

Folk singers Chris Buholis, Joshua Davis, and Drew Howard perform for pro-union demonstrators in Lansing, Michigan, singing "This Land Is Your Land," and concluding with, "Remember that!"

Plus news coverage of the march below from LiveCatchMedia:


Huffington Post reports an estimated 12,500 demonstrators at the capitol, in numbers surpassing original expectations, already the highest figures Lansing was ever to have seen.  Yet against this backdrop of great public outcry, as well as denunciations by President Obama in Michigan yesterday, Governor Rick Synder still officially made Michigan a "right to work" state, signing legislation diminishing the power of unions.

Democracy Now! talks in the youtube below with Democratic Michigan State Representative Brandon Dillon, prior to the governor signing the controversial "right-to-work" legislation.

12.12.12 Update:

Day-after discussion here at Real News and here and here at Democracy Now! 

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