Friday, November 30, 2012


Bradley Manning testifies on the conditions around his captivity, and as blogged earlier here.  Attorney Michael Ratner, adviser to both Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, conveys a gripping account in a courtroom yesterday so silent one could hear the proverbial pin drop (video below).


Via Boing Boing, AP reports military judge Col. Denise Lind has accepted Manning's terms for pleading guilty to eight charges, but has not yet formally accepted the pleas, and in what was previously reported as the equivalent of a plea bargain, and which could happen in December.

Democracy Now! also carries this in-depth exclusive interview with Julian Assange from yesterday.  Juan Gonzalez reports that, on Tuesday, the European Commission ruled that Visa did not break the European Union's anti-trust laws when they blocked credit card holders from donating to wikileaks.  As blogged earlier, Mr. Assange addressed reporters via video while still "holed up" in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

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