Saturday, November 24, 2012

People Before Things

Coast to coast, Occupy Wall Street reports 1,000 Black Friday protests at Walmart stores across 46 states.  Hundreds of workers acted up and walked off the job protesting low wages, lack of benefits, unfair treatment, illegal retaliation, and poverty. 

In Maryland, a mic check inside a Walmart:


Via OurWalmart, a commercial posted urging people not to shop at Walmart on Friday:


A Detroit (Dearborn) shopper discovers the Walmart strike and decides not to buy there, voicing her support to cameras from Occupy Detroit:

Also from Detroit (Dearborn), a Columbian GM worker protests in support of Walmart workers with his lips sewn shut in the youtube below.  As per Occupy Detroit:
Jorge Parra sewed his mouth shut Tuesday night. He is on a hunger strike against the abuses he and fellow workers in Columbia suffered at the hands of GM. There will be a solidarity rally downtown at the Renaissance Center building on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012.


From Towson, Maryland:

Oakland, California:

Portland, Oregon, and including focus on "dead peasant insurance":

Tucson, Arizona:

Dearborn, Michigan:


More here from Truthout.

11.27.2012 Update:

Secaucus, New Jersey from PeoplesVideo:


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