Thursday, November 22, 2012

5 A.M.

International Studies Professor Vijay Prashad examines the ceasefire agreement as of 5 A.M. yesterday in Gaza, and as the literal and proverbial smoke clears.

A few journalists look at the parallel media battles accommpanying this eight day siege now silent, i.e. the other kind of smoke. 

For example, here Tim Pool examines propaganda prior to the ceasefire on November 20th, including a tweeting battle exchanged between the IDF and Hamas, as well as the Anonymous hacker attacks on Israeli government sites.

In this 11/20/12 Real News broadcast, Lia Tarchanky reports from Israel on how Israeli media presents information to the public, withholding images of the Palestinian civilian carnage, for example.  Her broadcast includes Israeli television clips with English subtitles.

Looking back further, and in a November 2011 upload, Palestinian-Canadian poet and journalist Raeef Ziadah shares a poem, We Teach Life, Sir, about examining the conflict from the Palestinian perspective and from within the broader corporate media culture.

A November 22, 2012 upload and discussion with human rights attorney Michael Ratner about a practice known as "mowing the grass" - what he says is the case here - why he believes this is an issue about "oppressor and oppressed," and related casework with Jeremy Hammond, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange.

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