Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Place Of Sands

Citizen reporter video footage on the continuing humanitarian crisis in Rockaway where people are still asking FEMA for help.  Residents and activists discuss the situation.  

In this video, citizen-mobilized relief efforts targeting Rockaway and other neglected areas reorganize through a Brooklyn base.  More discussion of the situation.

Video from a Rockaway relief base, uploaded 11.10.12, the base donated by a business owner whose store was destroyed:

Ground zero, Occupy Rockaway, uploaded 11.9.12: 

According to wiki, '[..]"Rockaway" may have meant "place of sands" in the Munsee language of the Native American Lenape. Other spellings include Requarkie, Rechouwakie, Rechaweygh, Rechquaakie and Reckowacky.'

More updates and information here at Occupy Sandy Relief, including how to help.

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