Thursday, January 8, 2015


Thousands rapidly gathered in a massive Paris demonstration against recent jihadist killings of 4 Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, including the editor, plus two police officers and at least six others.  Protest photos below.  Coverage and analysis here at Democracy Now!  

Paris protesters displayed signs saying, "Je Suis Charlie," which means, "I am Charlie," many holding up pens to symbolize the point that the journalists died for freedom of speech and expression.  The crowd also displayed signs stating, "We Are Not Afraid."

Charlie Hebdo is a French weekly satirical newspaper that frequently features political cartoons as shown in the protest tweet below. 

Some twitter statements defiantly included more cartooning:

Protests were held outside France;  for example, in the U.S., New York City:

And below, from the Newseum (First Amendment journalism museum) in Washington D.C.,  where a vigil was held for the slain journalists:

More photos from the protests here

The newspaper itself has posted a website announcement,  "Je Suis Charlie - parce que le crayon sera toujours au dessus de la barberie .. parce que la liberté est un droit universel .. parce que vous nous soutenez... nous, Charlie, Sortirons votre journal mercredi prochain!" Roughly translated, that means, "I am Charlie - because the pen is always greater than barbarism ... because liberty is a universal right .. because you support us .. we, at Charlie, will be bringing you, your next Wednesday newspaper!" 

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