Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hot Sausage and Mustard!

Per twitter stream, these school lunches in other countries make me weep for mine.  The cookie in the U.S. example about the same size as the piece of roast beef in the French lunch.  

"Compare cookie to roast beef"

Those perfectly normal, everyday food items on school lunch plates in .. Brazil, Italy, Finland, South Korea, France, Ukraine, Spain .. even impoverished Greece?  --->>

"This is what (even) a poor country 
provides its children for a school lunch"

Here in the well-to-do U.S.A. (certainly much wealthier than Greece), those normal food items (i.e. from the nutrition community's well-known requisite food groups) are called "luxury" food items. (That means you're not supposed to expect to eat it - even if that is all that food is!)

No, you're supposed to expect to eat make-believe food.  The "let's pretend it's from one of the food groups" the way Reagan said catsup was a vegetable.  The other stuff?  That's for the crowd at the Waldorf.

And .. they wonder why childhood diabetes is at epidemic levels in the United States? 

Let's fund more studies to figure this out .. maybe in another couple of hundred years, we'll know why.  And maybe after another couple of hundred more, we'll do something about it.

So quit yer complainin' and finish those deep-fried cardboard chicken balls with red high fructose corn syrup!

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"What a lunch, my little pretties! What a school lunch!"

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