Sunday, April 20, 2014

Medical Students For Single Payer

Medical students marched for single payer in Chicago, Illinois, denouncing the private insurance industry's destructive influence on health care delivery at the entrance to Blue Cross/Blue Shield's corporate headquarters.  Protesters had finished attending the 3rd Annual Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) Summit held earlier that day at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.  Others at the protest included members of PNHP, the Illinois Single Payer Coalition, National Nurses United, and a group fighting to re-open a trauma center on Chicago’s South Side.  Univision covered the demonstration;  video here at PNHP with an English language transcript.  The film crew for the youtube below have made a soon-to-be-released documentary, The Good Doctor, about physician and single payer activist Quentin Young.

*Photo credit, top, via PNHP,  Med students rally for single payer outside Chicago-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield Illinois as part of the 3rd Annual SNaHP Summit.

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