Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Twitter Reports #MillionMaskMarch

More twitter reports on November 5th's #MillionMaskMarchA little history here regarding the occasion, falling upon "Guy Fawkes Day" (or Night) - the history, long and ever-evolving, and now, of course, having spread much further than the Encyclopedia references (so, if you participated, you are making/shaping history). 

In recent times, as we see, it has become an occasion to protest corrupt government policies, merging, to some extent, with the Occupy movement, the hactivist collective Anonymous, opponents of NSA spying, and many people simply objecting to corporate influence on politics and the state of global economics - the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and poorer.

The tweets are still coming in, so if you don't see your location, you might check back at #MillionMaskMarch (among other hashtags) later.  Or see more news and pics here and here, or the first blog post here from yesterday.

From the United States:

More from London, along with some tweets from Wales -

 A few more international posts -

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