Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Chanting "Obama, come out! We got some shit to talk about!" protesters converged upon the White House in Washington D.C., Tuesday, November 5th, in an international day of protests planned for many locations around the world.  Billed as the Million Mask March, participants decked out in Guy Fawkes masks, carrying signs expressing outrage with economic injustice and political corruption.

Twitter was popping with the exchange of photos and supportive statements, including observations that a corporate-controlled mainstream media was mostly ignoring these thousands of citizens confronting seats of government - as their representatives abandon basic responsibilities to the electorate - and as their nations rock with economic insecurity and further austerity measures, and a wealthiest minority sees, instead, record gains.

In the United States, the most visible marches on twitter appeared to be taking place (at the time of this posting) in D.C., Los Angeles, and New York.

Internationally, twitter focus zoomed in especially on London, where crowds swelled and emotions ran high, while reports also came in (at the time of this posting, and per both the link and the twitter posts below) from Istanbul (where police were photographed boxing demonstrators in), to Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Dublin, Cape Town, Glasgow, Bangkok, and the Phillipines.

Some twitter shots captured the message that participants represented many walks of life within the 99%.

A video below with some Washington D.C. coverage:

More video coverage from D.C., when a tense stand-off took place between protesters and police during arrests, as the crowd intensively chanted, "Let them go!  Let them go!"  Afterwards, a protester in a wheelchair moved forward, seemingly to confront law enforcement officers at an erected barricade.

Some extended livestream recording from London:

A number of livestream channels were reported as covering the event, including:

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