Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eiffel Tower

A Greenpeace activist scaled the Eiffel Tower, Saturday, bringing attention to the continued imprisonment of 30 Greenpeace activists in Russia, and following their September arrest during a protest against Arctic oil drilling.   In a couple of days, the French prime minister meets with President Putin and the organization would like him to press the Russian head of state for their release. Initial piracy charges have been reduced to "hooliganism" which still carries a potential 7 year prison sentence.  Two members of the group were present as journalists.

Euronews coverage:


Another view of the event:


Worldwide protests were held last week marking the activists' 30th day of captivity:


Various news sources report that thousands marched in Moscow on Sunday, October 27th, demanding the release of various political prisoners, including the Arctic 30 and Pussy Riot.

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