Thursday, March 14, 2013

Funeral For Our Future

Via Common Dreams, twenty-six protesters were arrested outside a TransCanada office Monday in Westborough, Massachusetts.  Staging a "Funeral For Our Future," protesters carried a coffin representing the future and sang, "They are digging us a hole, six feet underground, where the pipelines will go."


The demonstration is part of a lead-up to national actions against the pipeline March 16th-24th.  

Activist Isabel Arthen stated:
The total carbon contained in Canada’s tar sands exceeds all the oil burned in human history. If we develop these incredibly dirty fossil fuels, my future will be marked by superstorms, untold numbers of climate refugees and climate-related deaths, and ultimately an uninhabitable planet. The planet is already the hottest it’s been in 4000 years. How hot will it be when the Keystone pipeline delivers over 800,000 barrels of tar sands a day? We must stop it. We will stop it.”

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