Saturday, February 16, 2013

Single Payer Reintroduced 
PNHP has released an email action alert from PNHP President Andy Coates, M.D. 

Representative John Conyers has reintroduced single payer H.R. 676, as of February 14th, and to the 113th Congress.  Read the bill here. More blogging and information hereH.R. 676 or The Improved And Expanded Medicare For All Act is widely supported by the majority of the American public, most of the medical profession, hundreds of labor unions, and all of the major women's rights organizations.

Please call your representative at the Capitol Switchboard at 866-220-0044 to urge him or her to cosponsor and support this historic and vitally important legislation.  You can find and email your representative here at the House of Representatives website.  Or have PNHP send a convenient and customized letter here.

PNHP also invites citizens to organize small delegations to visit congresspersons' local offices on behalf of Medicare for All.  More information here.

Photo credit/Courtesy of VoteRocky.Org/Posted By Rocky Anderson/"Single Payer. France Has It. Canada Has It. Taiwan Has It. We Want It." Medicare For All advocates.

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