Thursday, January 31, 2013

Treaty Signing

A January 25, 2013 international treaty signing to "Honor all Indigenous First Nations, Tribes, Allies, and the Enduring Unity of the Great Sioux Nation and to Commemorate the 150th Anniversary and to Reaffirm the Ihanktonwan Oyate of the Oceti Sakowin 1863 Peace Treaty between the Ihanktonwan, Ponca, Pawnee Nations, and witnessed by the United States Government."

Tar Sands Blockade reports the 1863 treaty one of the few not abrogated by the U.S. government;  several TSB members were present at the South Dakota ceremony hosted by the Ihanktonwan Treaty Council, the Pawnee Nation, the Brave Heart Society, and the Four Worlds International Institute.

More information through Protect The Sacred.

The treaty signing notifies President Obama and the U.S. government that Keystone XL pipeline approval gravely abrogates the 1863 treaty, among others, including a December 21st 2012 Resolution from the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council stating that they are “vehemently opposed to the construction of the TransCanada/Keystone XL Pipeline Project on any Aboriginal or Treaty lands”.

YaBasta5000 reports the ceremony supported by Yankton Sioux Tribe, The Black Hills Treaty Council, The Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association, Yinka Dene Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, West Coast Environmental Law, Honor the Earth, Earth First, Tar Sands Blockade, Walking the Red Road,, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, National Resource Defense Council, Bold Nebraska, Public Citizen, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, United Religions Initiative North America, Forest Ethics, and Tanker Free BC.

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