Friday, January 25, 2013

Action Art

Via Global Voices, three 2008 action art performances from Li Ning (李凝) the Body Art Guerrilla Group, Made-in-J Town (凌雲焰肢體游擊隊).  Based in China, where resistance through action art has become very popular, Oiwan Lan reports their work among some of the most interesting examples.

Shandong: Olympic + Demolition (山東:奧運+拆遷), "criticizes the 2008 Olympics from a humanistic point of view":

Fee For Selecting School (擇校費), protests a fee imposed on parents for elementary schools.  The artist Li Ning wraps himself with red tape and ties an amplifier between his legs by his crotch, playing a protest slogan in front of a school. Police officers appear, "accusing him of moral corruption":

Currency At The Intersection Leading To The Underworld (冥幣路口) depicts the negative influence of money:

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