Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Courtesy of Wikipedia
"Indígenas de la etnia Wayuu aprenden a leer y escribir con la misión Robinson.  Lugar: Casusai, Parroquia Alta Guajira, Municipio Paez, Estado Zulia."
(Indigenous Wayuu learn to read and write with the Robinson mission.  Location: Casusai, Parish Alta Guajira, Paez municipality, Zulia State. - From Wiki - "Chavez' second term saw the implementation of social missions such as this one to eliminate illiteracy in Venezuela.")

Via Truthout, Keane Bhatt with the North American Congress On Latin America takes apart the mainstream media narrative on Chavez' huge win (yet again) in Venezuela.  And how far they are willing to "alter" the facts.

Video here and here with Venezuelans speaking shortly before and afterwards about how they felt about the election, and while occupying a voting system the Carter Institute has identified as the best in the world.

Not only that, poverty has radically plummeted since Chavez has been in office; see graphs at article link. 

Radically plummeting poverty sounds good.

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