Thursday, October 4, 2012

Expanding The Debate

protesters Denver Survives Presidential Debate CrushIn a landmark broadcast never before attempted, Democracy Now! expanded yesterday's presidential debate by hosting two third party candidates excluded from the CPD forum -- Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the newly formed Justice Party - hosting their responses to the same questions -- and while livestreaming the Denver debate hosted by Jim Lehrer - and so viewers could get a better idea of what they should be hearing in the national discussion, but don't, because the corporations keep other candidates out. 

An opening sample, and on creating jobs:


Another sample, expanding the health care debate:


On youtube, the Democracy Now! coverage is broken down into at least 15 video clips targeting candidate positions on creating jobs, medicare and health care, social security, and the banks.  You can't get a continuous video stream through the embedding code, so I am instead linking above with the continuous stream selection checked (if you don't get continuous stream, pull down the share menu below the video to see if yours is checked so you get the whole shebang). 

Day after mainstream news headlines seem to be crowing for horse Romney in their little race - though Rachel Maddow shows Obama actually ahead in the polls, while advancing where she thinks Barack Obama needs to move next to leave the guys on selfishness steroids at the nearest E.R. doorstep.

Real News hosts a series of guests discussing what mainstream candidates didn't discuss, asking why Obama didn't attack the Romney suit more and how.  (Same issue with several videos without a continuous stream available through the embedding code, but coverage starts about here.)

Guests also touch upon voter questions around swing states, whether "there is any difference" between the two mainstream candidates, and what they think people should do, as voters, depending on where they reside, or if these geographic differences should make a difference.

More information about the debates from The Green Party here, and The Justice Party here.

Photo credit above, CBS Denver, who also have the video below on demonstrators outside the restricted arena, including a clip of people marching (note the BOFA commercial and put on your viewer interpretation filter or VIF).  Photo stream of protests here.  Apparently, the police were well behaved, and no one was arrested.


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