Sunday, September 25, 2016

Keith Lamont Scott

Sharing a series of 28 numbered twitter posts (two no 27s by mistake) on the death of Keith Lamont Scott, who many see as basically executed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina where demonstrations are taking place. Protesters demand that police release all of the video footage they have.  Police have thus far released some video footage under pressure, and following footage released by Keith Scott's widow. Unfortunately, that footage only seems to further corroborate people's concerns about the nature of the events that took place; i.e. Mr. Scott was a defenseless, innocent man with a brain injury who was mercilessly shot and killed by police for no justifiable reason.

These tweets lay out some factual arguments concerning the fabrication and planting of evidence at the scene of Mr. Scott's death - and as shown by the video footage taken by Keith Scott's widow. The tweets also concern some of the recently released footage from the Charlotte, North Carolina police department.

I am posting the tweets on this blog in the event that others would like to access the information more easily (since, as I continue "tweeting," the tweets will be "washed further downstream," so to speak, on the "great twitter river").

Note that Officer Brentley Vinson has been incorrectly referenced as Officer Vince ("Vince"). Officer Vinson, that is, who is described in the following tweets as wearing white sneakers and has been identified by the department as the policeman who killed Keith Lamont Scott. Vinson is African American, and an eyewitness stated that it actually was a white officer at the scene who killed Mr. Scott. The police footage shows a number of police aggressively pointing guns at Mr. Scott and several shots were fired (some say 4). So the public still has questions around those facts, too.

Requested comments (here and here) from the Charlotte Police Dept but they did not respond.

Also seeing that Frame minutes/seconds may have been obtained via the NY Times video employed at the secondary source here instead of the other secondary source referenced in one of the tweet below. (So if people are not getting the exact same frame times, that may be the issue.)

Editor's Note: As tweeted in post #21, post #8 is later determined via police footage not to be Mr. Scott in the white truck "Red" is next to. Mr. Scott, at the time of this picture, is seated quietly in another white truck not visible in Mrs. Scott's phone camera footage, parked right beside it. Police footage shows "Red" moving aggressively into position with his gun.

Editor's Note: There's a misstatement in tweet no. 9 that Vinson (mistakenly called "Vince") looks at the gun and picks it up in frame 2:10. It should read that "Red" who hands Vinson the "gun" is the one who picks it up at frame 2:10 (thereby taking it back). As stated previously. 

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