Sunday, November 2, 2014

¿Donde está mi hermano?

In the video below, Where is my brother?, written and sung by Arturo Leyva about the 43 missing students in Mexico, still missing.  Via Vox,
A project called Illustradores con Ayotzinapa (Illustrators with Ayotzinapa) invited artists to paint portraits of the victims, to humanize them as individuals. A musician named Arturo Leyva wrote a song about the students and used the portraits to create a video to accompany his music.

NPR reports that the normally festive and popular holiday, Day Of The Dead has turned somber this year, as the students' whereabouts is still unresolved.

Massive demonstrations have racked Mexico, protesters demanding return of the students alive, with supporting demonstrations taking place in major cities around the world.

Discussion of the missing students in videos below: 

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