Sunday, August 24, 2014

Myths vs Facts

A wonderful and enlightening presentation by Federico Pistono on an unconditional basic income (U.B.I., a.k.a. Basic Income Guarantee, B.I.G.), and at the Future of Work Summit at NASA Ames Research Park in California, June, 2014.  Also spotted in attendance with some questions for Mr. Pistono, former NAACP President Ben Jealous.

Editor's Note 8.27.2014

For some reason, the comment response button isn't posting my reply to Jack Saturday's comment below.  (Unless it's suddenly going to post it 3 or 4 times later....)  

He mentions recognizing Dr. James Hughes (IEET) and Michael Albert (Z Magazine) in the audience (see comment).  That seems to be correct, though I don't see their name tags.   I looked again more closely at the video and do spot name tags on others asking questions.  Those individuals include Erik Brynjolfsson of M.I.T., Salim Ismail, now with Singularity University, and Technology and Engineering Emmy Award Winner Philip Rosendale of Virtual World "Second Life."  

Jack Saturday, thanks for your comment.  I hope the identification of these cutting edge thinkers inspires others to view the video presentation on guaranteed basic income. 

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  1. Nice also to see Dr. J Hughes of IEET ask a question. Also, was that Michael Albert of Z-Net sitting right at the front?